Using the premade buildings is a great way to make a level, but when you supplement them with what is found in the Wings folder, you can really get creative with your design.

Specifically, a “Wing” is a 3-sided modular “lego piece” that can be snapped along the 7 meter grid of the world or a premade building of the same style. Rotate these wings into position and make sure the “empty side” is facing away from the game camera or into the premade building.

A “WingFloor” is the same thing as a wing, but for floors above ground level.  They’re meant to sit right on top of wings of the same style. Some wingfloors have a -LP suffix which means, “Low Poly.” You can use these lowpoly variants as a performance optimization for mobile. These are only a few triangles total.

A “Cap” is used when building wide, tall structures. They’re entire floors that have been scaled down on the X and Z axes and used to alter the silhouette of a large structure. Stack caps together to get nice towers. Caps also have roofs.

Finally, a “Roof” is just that; a roof. They’re typically the last object placed when creating a building.

Need a building that’s really wide but not tall? Use a couple wings to extend it outward, then add the roofs on top.  Want lots of windows on your warehouse? Use the second floor window wings in StyleE repeatedly to get what you need.

The great thing about this is that all wings, caps, floors, and roofs use 1 material (Atlas_Architecture). Unity Pro users will enjoy dynamic batching of these objects while Unity Free users can use the custom Mesh Combine Script.


StyleA WFCThere are 6 wings in the StyleA collection. Choose from double doors, single doors, or just windows. There are two wing floors, one of which is LowPoly. One roof for the WingFloor is included.

Several floors and 1 cap is available to make wide and tall StyleA buildings.



StyleB WFC8 wings are in the StyleB collection. Double doors, windows, back entrance, and blank walls give you options. 3 wing floor objects exist, all of which are already low poly. 1 wing roof. There are several caps and floors made available.

******There is also a special object called “Pole” which covers up the empty space created when the wings are placed in a special way.


StyleC WFCStyleC also has 8 wings with 2 wingfloors, one of which is lowpoly. Two wingroof variants are included too. StyleC has the most caps, floors, and roofs (16 total) so you can make very large office buildings and towers with a varied silhouette.




StyleD WFCStyleD’s set is very special in that it contains diagonal sections and insets (11 total) which nicely modify the silhouette. Two wingfloors are included with associated roofs. 4 building floors are in this pack, but no caps.




StyleE WFCStyleE is only wings and wingfloors. 8 wings, 4 wingfloors, and 1 roof. The footprint is basic, but the textures are varied. There are different windows and doors to be found here, included a garage door.




Tips for This Set

  1. All wings, floors, caps, and roofs were designed to fit together but only within the same style. That is, if you try to mix StyleA and StyleC together, they likely won’t fit cleanly. You can certainly try, though.
  2. Unless your game is top down (like Sim City), you can probably forego using roofs.
  3. Populate the roofs with AC ducts and other cool objects found in the Simple Props section.
  4. If you want to place the buildings on a hill, or place stairs and walkways next to the building that go under the first floor, snap the  Simple Walls to the base of the building/wings to get it looking clean.
  5. Refer to the Sample Scene in the package for object usage.