UCP Demos

Webplayer Link

The webplayer build runs the “UCP Demo Scene” as found in the package. It’s an unoptimized version of the scene running on Unity Pro 4 with occlusion culling and bloom. All lighting is dynamic except for ambient occlusion and sky lighting. The build runs under deferred rendering.

Android APKĀ Link

The Android build runs the “UCP Mobile Demo Scene” found in the package. This also runs on Unity Pro with Fast Bloom and Color Correction. Much of the scene’s objects were combined using the custom Mesh Combine script included in the package. Also, smaller objects such as lights and signs are using the custom LOD Culling/Dropout script. All lighting is static.

The controls are standard first-person view and shown in this screenshot. The two corners of the screen are the touch regions.


Quick Mobile Benchmarks

Nexus 4: 60fps

Eeepad Transformer: 20-25fps

Iphone4: 30-40fps

Ipad1: 20-30fps

Video FlyThrough

As seen in the Unite 2013 keynote: